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Ebay Customer Service and Contact Number

Ebay contact number.
Find the Ebay contact number for calling Ebay Customer Service, technical support, or other free numbers you need (in case there are alternative numbers to 0870 and 0845).
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Information about the Ebay UK contact number

EBAY Technical support
3 years ago
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Sent by Aurelio Brubaker
EBAY Customer Service
5 years ago
020 8605 3000 - Main switchboard

020 8605 3001 - Fax

020 8080 2105 / 0800 3583229 - Customer Service

020 8605 3111 / 0800 3586550 - Powerseller Support

0345 355 3229 / 0800 3586551 - Resolution Centre
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Ebay Customer Service
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