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Aliexpress Customer Service and Contact Number

Aliexpress contact number.
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Information about the Aliexpress UK contact number

ALIEXPRESS Customer Business
6 months ago
Bulk qantuaitie
3000 kg available
$42,600 per KG

FOB Philippines Bulacan

Rose Mangahas, exec manager
Spar development corp
Barangay bigte norzagaray bulacan philippines
02 3613244 / 02 3245361 / 09667505080

buyer must sign nda
visit site and do assay test
we will provide commercial invoice
uou arrange shipper
transfer from my personal custody vault to yours will be done at time of payment
50% payment direct to my company baank account
50% payment in cash

urgent must sell price negotiatble
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ALIEXPRESS Switchboard
6 months ago

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ALIEXPRESS Technical support
6 months ago
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ALIEXPRESS Customer Business
1 day ago
Freight from china to Europe, USA,Canada,Australia getting down


ChinaportstotheLA/Vancouver,WestportsintheUSA&Canada :USD5,500/40HQ (FMCNVOCC)


Thanks&Best Regards,


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Aliexpress contact number, Aliexpress customer service

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ALIEXPRESS Customer Business
2 days ago
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ALIEXPRESS Service online
1 week ago
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ALIEXPRESS Sales Enquiries
1 week ago
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ALIEXPRESS Service online
1 week ago
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ALIEXPRESS Customer Business
2 weeks ago
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