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ALIEXPRESS Sales Enquiries
4 months ago
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Sent by Venetta Monk
4 months ago
Hi, I am interested in some of your products.

Please give me a call on +1 304-873-4360
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Sent by Jay Dynon
ALIEXPRESS Service online
5 months ago

It is with sad regret to inform you that DataList.biz is shutting down. We have made all our databases available for you at a one-time fee.

You can visit us on DataList.biz

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Sent by Tracie Stuart
5 months ago

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Sent by Elvis Harris
ALIEXPRESS Service online
5 months ago
Following on from the 3rd March Meetings held by economic development organizations globally; many organisations have started to pledge their committment to helping stop Putin's illegal war with Ukraine.

I ask that your organization make a public pledge today stating that you will:

- Not buy goods and services from Russian businesses.
- Not sell goods or services to Russian businesses.
- Replace Russian goods or services with those from Ukraine where possible.

I ask this not to punish normal Russian people, many of whom are good and also despite this war which was started by a petty tyrant; but to be part of the international movement to put massive pressure on the economy of Russia so that the war will come to an end through lack of resources.

_Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much._


It costs nothing but 2 minutes of your time, and a committment to stop supporting Russia in any way.

If businesses across the globe commit to this action of refusing to do ANY business with Russia then we can bring this war to an end.

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Sent by Mark Stephenson
ALIEXPRESS Service online
5 months ago
Bulk quantity
3000 kg available
$42,600 per KG urgent for sale dispose
Sale must be 100% confidential. This is a politically sensitive sale. Owner is a politically connected person.
Confidentiality must be guaranteed by any buyer.

FOB Philippines Bulacan, Bigte, Norzagaray,

Contact - Rosemarie Capa, exec manager
Spar development corp
Barangay bigte norzagaray bulacan philippines
02 3613244 / 02 3245361 / 09667505080

buyer must sign nda
visit site and do assay test
we will provide commercial invoice
uou arrange shipper
transfer from my personal custody vault to yours will be done at time of payment
50% payment direct to my company baank account
50% payment in cash

urgent must sell price negotiatble
confidentiality must be guaranteed by buyer
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Sent by Rose Capa
ALIEXPRESS Switchboard
5 months ago

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Sent by Owen Luttrell
ALIEXPRESS Switchboard
5 months ago

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Sent by Lizette Giffen
ALIEXPRESS Service online
5 months ago

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Sent by Lashawnda Ciotti
ALIEXPRESS Technical support
6 months ago
Inquiry, Do you have any shippment from China?

Hi contact-number.org

We are the Top 100 freight forwarder in China,We can handle the shipment from Shenzhen, Guangzhou,Xiamen, Shanghai, Ningbo, Qingdao and so on.

Here below is our main services:
1. Air freight&Ocean freight forwarding
2. FBA shipping
3. Consolidation,Warehousing
4. Customs broker
5. Insurance

some price for your reference:
China ports to the LA/West ports in the USA :USD8000-11000/40HQ
China ports to the NY/East ports in the USA: USD9000-14000/40HQ
China ports to Australia Ports: USD5000-7000/40HQ
China ports to Europe Ports:USD8500-12500/40HQ
China ports to Latin America: USD8000-12000/40HQ

Air freight from China to USA&Canada :+500kgs USD5.55-6.85/kgs
Air freight from China to Europe (UK,Germany and so on):+500kgs USD3.2-4.2/kgs

Would you like tell me which is your depart ports in China and which is your destination ports?We will offer the best price for you.

Thanks&Best Regards,


Aliexpress contact number, Aliexpress customer service

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Sent by Kelli Hart
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