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Aliexpress contact number.
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ALIEXPRESS Sales Enquiries
1 week ago


My name is Felix Cushman from ColdReach.Rocks

I_m reaching out to see if you_d like to test our new lead generation software.

This software can help you find new customers.

Check it you at https://ColdReach.Rocks

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We have excellent support. The software works and is super easy to use. Try it out now.

Let me know if we can be of assistance for you.

Best Regards
Felix Cushman

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Sent by Felix Cushman
ALIEXPRESS Service online
2 weeks ago
Do you want to be on the first page (or even first place) of Google search results (not to mention paid ads)?
Moreover, by paying only $20 per month.
With a single subscription, you can place your link on 58 pcs High Domain Authority Directory [DA 19 to DA 69]. So, your website get higher and higher rank in Google in just 2-4 weeks
You don't need any technical knowledge. You just need to let us know the url of your website and the keywords you want to rank higher.


Whatsapp Support
+44 7378 113329

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Sent by Terrell McSharry
ALIEXPRESS Customer Business
2 weeks ago


My name is Julie Peake from Repwarn.Rocks

Do you know when someone talks bad about you or your business?

Monitor your online reputation with this new tool.

Auto-check the web, social media and your competitors iin real-time.

Check it out now at https://repwarn.rocks/

It takes years to build a good reputation and only minutes to destroy it.

Can you afford to let it happen?

Take action now.

Best Regards
Julie Peake

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Sent by Julie Peake
ALIEXPRESS Sales Enquiries
2 weeks ago

Nowadays, marketing yourself on social media requires you to be active 24/7.

I myself had to deal with a lot of posting, content creation, and so on, and it was tough.

But Crowdfire helped out a lot, it helps you manage your social media tasks and reduces the time you have to spend to literally 30 minutes a day.
Crowdfire is your all in one social media management tool that helps you with scheduling posts, generating advanced analytics and managing social conversations, and you get it all for an affordable price.
If you want to cut down your Social Media time, then this is your opportunity.

You can sign up for a 14 day FREE trial right here: https://bit.ly/2SDmZ9r

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Sent by Ali Cottman
ALIEXPRESS Sales Enquiries
3 weeks ago
Hi ,

I am following up on my message below.

Who would I speak with about handling your US order fulfillment and shipping?




Who would I speak with at your company that manages your product shipping and order fulfillment?

We are US company, offering warehousing, order fulfillment and drop shipping to our customers since 2005.

Here are some of the items we ship for clients:

-Books, training manuals, guides
-E-com product drop shipping
-New member welcomes boxes and gifts
-Product samples
-Health and Medical supplements
-Marketing materials
-Medical program test kits
-Follow up gifts to clients, leads, and prospects

Do you have some time to discuss - phone / email ?


Fulfillment Specialist
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Sent by Kathleen Ballow
ALIEXPRESS Switchboard
3 weeks ago
It is with sad regret to inform you that because of the Covid pandemic BestLocalData.com is shutting down at the end of the month.

We have lost family members and colleagues and have decided to shut down BestLocalData.com

It was a pleasure serving you all these years. We have made all our databases available for $99 (All of it for $99) for those interested.

Kind Regards,
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Sent by Connie Whitington
ALIEXPRESS Switchboard
1 month ago
Since 2012 Mailbanger.com has been selling marketing lists with customer name/contact information to many small and startup businesses.

we have lists for USA/UK/Australia/Canada and many more countries

Here are some of our packages:

USA Business database with executive contact info - Over 30 million records:

2021 USA Homeowner and Residential _ 248 million records:

Cell/SMS Marketing package of over 20 million USA Customers:

Monthly optin USA sales leads (a fresh new package every month!):

USA Charity donors:

850 000 Weight loss customers:

we have many more lists - stop wasting thousands on pay per click or other expensive forms of advertising, and market direct for super affordable prices.

All lists are updated regularly, buy once and its yours so you can use them for many campaigns. They come in Excel files with sortable categories

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Sent by Randi Gosse
ALIEXPRESS Technical support
1 month ago
Hello Guys

I have cracked one of the very best email extractors ever built: CBT EMAIL EXTRACTOR.

The original software is priced at 500 GBP but I can offer you the cracked version for only 100 USD. I can also crack all future updates for only 50 USD per update.

I only accept cryptocurrency payments as what I am doing is not exactly legal.

Do let me know if you are interested.

If you want some more info on the software, I suggest that you Google it.

Many thanks
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Sent by Ramiro Ivory
ALIEXPRESS Customer Service
1 month ago
Hello there!

My name is Heather.

Your website or a website that your company hosts is violating the copyright protected images owned by myself.

Take a look at this doc with the URLs to my images you used at contact-number.org and my earlier publications to find the proof of my copyrights.

Download it now and check this out for yourself:


I believe you've willfully infringed my rights under 17 USC Sec. 101 et seq. and could possibly be liable for statutory damages of up to $140,000 as set forth in Section 504 (c) (2) of the Digital millennium copyright act (”DMCA”) therein.

This message is official notification. I demand the removal of the infringing materials mentioned above. Take note as a company, the Dmca demands you, to remove and/or deactivate access to the infringing materials upon receipt of this particular letter. If you don't stop the utilization of the above mentioned infringing materials a court action will likely be started against you.

I have a good faith belief that use of the copyrighted materials mentioned above as allegedly violating is not approved by the copyright proprietor, its agent, as well as legislation.

I declare, under consequence of perjury, that the information in this message is correct and that I am the legal copyright owner or am permitted to act on behalf of the owner of an exclusive and legal right that is presumably infringed.

Best regards,
Heather Carlo


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Sent by Carlo
ALIEXPRESS Service online
1 month ago
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Sent by Jaimie Napier
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