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Lg Customer Service and Contact Number

Lg contact number.
Find the Lg contact number for calling Lg Customer Service, technical support, or other free numbers you need (in case there are alternative numbers to 0870 and 0845).
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Information about the Lg UK contact number

LG Customer Business
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LG Customer Business
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LG Customer Business
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LG Customer Business
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LG Customer Business
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LG Customer Business
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LG Customer Business
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LG Customer Service
3 years ago
Call an LG Support
0800 243-0000
Consumer Electronics, Appliances, Mobile Phones, Monitors, Data Storage, Window/Wall/Portable A/C (7 am - Midnight CST)
Support in Spanish (Mon-Sun 8 am - 6 pm CST)

0888 865-3026
Commercial TV & Display, PTAC/Duct-Free/VRF A/C (8 am - 6 pm CST)
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LG Customer Business
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